Monday, February 8, 2016

The problem with a screened-in-porch studio

A gallery owner came by to peruse pots last week, on an unseasonably warm day right before a thunderstorm. On her way out, she wondered whether public schools would escape snow closures this week. "It sounds silly," she said, "but there's this old wives' tale that says if there's a thunderstorm in the winter, snow will follow within 10 days."

We haven't had any snow yet, but temps have dropped, and snow has been in the forecast three times since last week. Schools in some counties east of us operated on a two-hour delay today due to black ice.

I waffled today about moving the pottery wheel back into the house. It's inconvenient, but warm enough to work comfortably. I decided to decide tomorrow--when, most likely, I'll just go over to Claymakers. My plan today, with a balmy forecast high of 52, is to work outside and Experience What Cold Feels Like.

So. Right now. I'm going outside right now.

To dip my hands in warm water and form things from cold clay.

Cold cold clay.

Right now. Yep.

(This is also how I immerse myself in cold swimming pools. Five six seven eight, go. No no no. Try again. Five six seven eight, go.)

Really. Here I go.

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