Monday, February 1, 2016

Mexico Day 2

On Sunday morning, E' invited us for brunch at the swanky restaurant El Lago in Chapultepec Park.

Documentating E' documenting brunch
I look at that roof and wonder what would happen if it snowed--but snow is rare in Mexico City.
E, S, and E' 
In the afternoon, E, S, and I walked from P's apartment building toward the Zócalo. We ended up at the art museum housed in the Antiguo Colegio de San Ildefonso, a former Jesuit college, located on a street opposite the Templo Mayor. By then it was late in the afternoon, so we didn't buy tickets, but the art in the courtyard was free for viewing.

A wall inside a hotel near P's apartment building
Bicycle racks, literally and figuratively, and one bicycle, inside the San Ildefonso art museum
Can't remember where this door was...
Bolivar door
Museum door
E on courtyard art
More art in the gorgeous courtyard

We enjoyed a light late-lunch/early-dinner (Mexico is a two-meals-a-day culture, so one doesn't eat both lunch and dinner) at El Mayor, a rooftop garden above the Librería Porrúa bookstore, where we admired the views below of the Templo Mayor and the Cathedral. After a while, we realized there was almost always an airplane flying across the view. We tried keeping track of their frequency and counted a new airplane every 50-165 seconds. Wikipedia says the airport averaged 1,169 aircraft operations per day in 2015. The photo below doesn't capture any airplanes, but there was probably one crossing above the field of view.

Dome of the former church of Santa Teresa del Antigua behind the Templo Mayor museum

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