Monday, November 23, 2015

Songs for children

When E was a baby, I made up lots of songs for him, and I notated the cream of the crop in Sibelius 2.0. I've moved on to Sibelius 7.0, and E has moved on to adolescence, but the world around us is still largely the same. Here's the end of one song that we still sing, followed by the beginning of a song I had forgotten entirely about. (If you feel a need to see "Murder, Mayhem, Chaos, Death, and Destruction Makes [sic] Baby Cry" or "Pistachios and Noodles Don't Go Together Well" in their entirety, let me know.)

Friday, November 20, 2015

Coq au vin

DT-MSH/TC Klein Bottle revisited

Longtime follower(s) of this blog might recall the DT-MSH/TC that I made in 2010; it waited patiently until 2011 to be fired, emerging from the Cedar Creek wood kiln covered with strange bubbly crusty purple stuff. Thereafter, it sat high up on a shelf in my study, hidden behind a bunch of other pots: too much work to throw away, but too ugly to look at. And then, last month, neighbor-potter Julie Jones said she had a little space left in her ^10 wood kiln and asked if I had anything I wanted her to fire for me.

Behold: no more bubbly crusty purple stuff! Thanks, Julie!

Monday, November 9, 2015


Before the flock scattered (some heading south, some heading to the backyard), they managed to pose for a family portrait.

Left to right:
Front row: Parpignol, Sieglinde, Freya, Corky
Middle row: Alberich, Musette, Mimi, Fasolt, Ethel, Flosshilde, Penelope
Back row: Xerxes, Genoveva, Seabreeze, Twit

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Fall shrooms

We've had lots of rain this fall. The mushrooms in the front yard went from balls to toadstools overnight.