Friday, June 2, 2017


Fang (formerly FindusBabyCatBiteyBeauDrJekyllandMrHyde) is turning into a schmusiger Kater.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Sodium silicate

A few years ago, I played around a bit with sodium silicate on my pots and thought it looked "meh," so I didn't pursue it. Last month, I pulled out the congealing jarful so my class could experiment with it. Oh, what a difference a cake decorating comb makes! (I'm still feeling "meh" about the combination of sodium silicate + ravioli wheel, but will delay final judgment until the tests have been fired.)

White slip on ER

Blue slip on LL

Detail. SS was thinned with a little water; slip was heat-gunned for ease of SS application.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Because who has the time, right?

Back in 2010, I wrote about the News & Observer's coverage of Drive-thru Easter at two NC churches, and I proposed that the Chosen People keep pace with a Drive-thru Seder. That hasn't happened yet, as far as I know, but thanks to an N&O report on Drive-thru Ash Wednesday, I'm reminded that there are still 5.5 weeks for synagogues to prepare to keep up with the Joneses. "Next This year, within driving distance!"

(Revisiting those old blog posts, I am disappointed to discover that the online presence of newspaper articles is apparently less than seven years. That should teach me to write in more detail rather than rely on links, but I'm a slow learner, as this post attests.)

Monday, February 27, 2017

Fleeting camellias

This February, Durham set a new record for the greatest number of days over 80oF in the last 130 years. Our camellia bushes have responded by bursting into bloom--and then wilting in the blink of an eye. Below are some of this year's fleeting camellias, perched in non-fleeting double-walled camellia bowls.