Thursday, June 24, 2010

The cat earns his keep

I'm sitting with a clearly proud Homer Wells, purring black cat extraordinaire. In the wee hours, while we were obliviously sleeping, Homer was busy hunting down a bat.

"I got up and saw Homer next to what looked like a large turd, and then the turd moved," explains one witness. "Then Homer tried to pounce on it."

Our cats, fortunately, have had rabies shots. Unfortunately for the bat, the humans in our house have not. S trapped the bat in a plastic container, and I'll drive the ill-fated intruder to Animal Control later this morning to be tested.

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Mom said...

Last year we finally got rid of the bats in our belfry, after years of being startled by their night, and occasionally day, visits. No bats are killed in the process, just evicted (to move on to your neighbors' houses).