Tuesday, June 22, 2010

S's brain

S had an MRI this morning. His doctor wanted to make sure the ringing S was hearing in his ears last month was due to having slammed into a lake while wind surfing rather than due to anything neurological. The final diagnosis: a damaged (now healing) ear drum.

We're out a few hundred bucks, but we have some swell images of the inside of S's head. I always knew he had a beautiful brain, but it's nice to have some visual proof, since people always tell me I'm biased when I say my husband is gorgeous. There are some pretty creepy images in the mix too. In all, I think it was a wise evolutionary choice to cover all this stuff up with skin and fur.


Dramageek said...

and so stunning in black & white too! This is just an amazing photo!

Patrick Chu said...

I think I see Elvis right above the medulla.