Wednesday, October 16, 2013


It's been a busy month for Claymakers. First, there was this fabulous show in the gallery--"Steinzeugkrug: Present Day Interpretations" (a.k.a. Steinfest), a major step forward for Claymakers. And two short weeks before the federal gummint shut down, a [presumably subsequently furloughed] employee at the IRS popped Claymakers' 501(c)(3) designation letter into the mail. Woot woot!

There was also this music-related article in the local paper. I think the title is rather excellent, since it makes us sound either like a trio of superheros (can you imagine us with our capes fluttering behind us as we sit on the organ bench?) or a mafia family (THE SOPRANOS ORGANISTS).

There were also two firings of black'n'white zigzag pots, including some really excellent ones. Photos to follow soon...

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