Thursday, October 31, 2013

Hallowe'en chickens

I am a flock; I am an island.
I was trying to come up with an appropriate title for this post, and went from "Hallowe'en chickens" (mundane) to "Zombie chickens" (nah--their expressions are vacant enough, but there's no blood) to "Undead chickens" (which they kind of are) to "Chickocalypse" (which not only I couldn't pronounce, but also chickens don't have lips, so there'd be a missed pun opportunity, plus this doesn't look like an End of Days flock). So I went back to "Hallowe'en chickens."

These be the fanciest chickens e'er I made. The brown clay will fire to a stony black. The beaks, eyes, and thingamabobs on the heads (what are those called? Uh, combs?) are made from a different clay body and consequently might all fall off during firing, which seems relevant to Hallowe'en. The feathers are slip inlay. They might fall off too--in which case I would say the birds are molting--but they probably won't. Each bird contains exactly one egg, for emergency use only (although no emergency could be so great that you'd be better off with a rock-hard clay egg than with a perky undead chicken).

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Grammar Genie said...

Need one for the coop.