Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The new bedtime routine

I thought curiosity was going to kill the cat, but instead it looks like curiosity is just going to break a lot of my pottery. Suffice it to say that I have never before heard a crash like the one young Schroeder produced in the kitchen yesterday. Farewell, nearly perfect green cereal bowl; alas, we hardly knew thee.

Fortunately, the finger puppet dinosaur is a good distraction for all of us. If we can't keep Schroeder out of trouble, maybe at least we can tucker him out playing fetch. We suspect he might have been a dog in a former life, but the jury is out on whether he was a very very good dog or a very very naughty dog, and on whether coming back as a cat is a step up or a step down.

1 comment:

Bernadette said...

What an utterly charming and irresistibly handsome cat. I have never seen a cat return a toy repeatedly. It's clear he has chosen you as his human. What an honor! Can we help protect your pots till he grows out of some of his rambunctiousness? I can offer safe space and guaranteed return.