Tuesday, March 2, 2010

More on Klein Bottles

I do believe I have conquered my addiction to holes.

Here are instructions for another genre of Klein Bottle.

1. Throw a bottle. Throw a conical spout. Throw a torus. The diameter of the bottle neck, spout neck, and torus cross section should be more or less equal.

2. Cut, nudge, score, slip, and assemble the parts into a Klein Bottle. If you really must insist on poking holes in the thing (don't you have anything less compulsive to do?), remember to cut them into the conical spout before assembling.

The advantage of this model is that when you call it a "Klein Bottle," people understand the bottle part, if not the Klein part. I suppose it should be called a Klein-Bottle Bottle.

The Klein-Bottle Bottle is fine, but I'm more partial to the Diatomaceous Double Torus model. Please amend the previous instructions: do whatever steps you can while the clay is still wet. In this endeavor, malleable toruses are your friends.

This time, I made the toruses more bagel-like, and they fit together better, but it was nearly impossible getting the hole-cutting tool into the tighter spaces. Clearly, further refinement is necessary. Or fewer holes. Indeed, I rather like the Klein-Bottle Bottle with the mostly solid surface and the holes only in the ingress. It's a little more suggestive and a little less measles-ish.

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Rae said...

One of my favorite things about you is that you are unafraid to reference mass contagion in your artwork.