Sunday, December 4, 2016

More sunrise eye candy from Ocracoke

Belated Ocracoke images from last week... My favorite thing to do on Ocracoke is to walk, pre-dawn, on a path through the wetlands to the beach to watch the sunrise. On Thursday morning, that effort was rewarded with an unexpected spectacle involving thousands of cormorants and other birds flying over from the sound side and spending a good twenty minutes zipping northward along the water's edge. We returned to the beach Friday morning, hoping for a repeat performance. The cormorants were nowhere to be seen, but pelicans were more abundant than they had been the morning before--or perhaps their numbers were easier to see without all the cormorant chaos. On Saturday, we saw fewer birds, and a squall line blew in just in time to obliterate the sunrise--but the dolphins were out in force. A new treat each day. Photos and videos below.

Thursday a.m.:

Friday a.m.:

Orion and Canis Major

Crescent moon and Venus

Clouds heading our way

Pre-sunrise--fog starting to roll in...

...but we could still see the moon.

No more sun. It went from foggy... foggier...

Then the sun rose over the clouds, and the fog dissipated.

Pelicans were abundant

Saturday a.m.:

Apparently we walked faster, as we arrived with 40 minutes to spare...

See that dark line of clouds to the left on the horizon?

Cold, wet weather blew in impressively quickly.

Goodbye, hint of impending sunrise...

On the bright side, E finally had enough wind to fly a kite before lunch...

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