Friday, September 9, 2016


I've been getting satisfying results with sprayed glazes, and the process has been helping me really appreciate my electric kiln--to the point that (hard to believe) I've been declining occasional access to soda and wood firings. But every once in a while, I glaze a pot for the gas kiln at Claymakers, and the results make me covet reduction firing again. Case in point: I really like the carbon-trap halos around the wax-resist dots on the shino-glazed bottle below. On one side of the bottle, the halos are black; on the other side, they're orange. (The bottle started out as a bottle demo, then turned into a darting demo. I'm not sure why I stuck a horn on it, but it does make a nice place to put a thumb.)

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JLPP said...

This one is really yummy. And I like the horn. Because.