Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Beyond chicken-eyeballs humid

The weather has gone back to hot and humid--so humid that even chicken eyeballs are out of the question. E came home from school today and asked if I had heard about the impending hurricane. (I called it hwa-KEEN, he called it jo-AH-keen.) The rumor among his classmates is that schools might be closed on Friday; even the level-headed is already predicting 100% chance of heavy rain.

It has already been raining all week, and the trees have had enough. Yesterday, a carpool of kids and I saw a large branch fall off a tree, pulling some phone lines down with it. This is not the week to park near trees.

The pervasive humidity has slowed progress on the porch, but after three days, these teapot parts were firm enough to assemble. I'm trying to get through my last bag of Standard 266 so I can do a major clean and switch over to some lighter clays. Coming soon: the second Durham County Pottery Studio Tour (November 14-15).

I'm not entirely convinced by the slip on the lid knot-knob, but it might look less distracting once the pot is fired and receives a reed handle.

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