Monday, July 27, 2015

Heading to Baltimore

I'm heading to Baltimore this week for the Bridges conference. I attended in 2012 and hope 2015 will be every bit as much fun, although alas my buddy Dr. J will not be along for the ride this time. (Sailing at the beach or math-art conference? Clearly a difficult choice.)

I have two pots currently in an exhibit at Towson that will move to the University of Baltimore tomorrow for the conference. The mathematical explanations are here. I'll be adding a pair of chickarinas for the conference exhibit, to figuratively accompany a hands-on ocarina-making workshop that I'm giving on Wednesday. (They'd literally accompany it too, except that they'll be stuck under an acrylic box in the exhibit. No problem; I'll have extra demo chickarinas on hand). In 2012, the exhibit had almost no 3D art made from clay (only mine and the work of just one other artist). Mathematicians seem to be more 3D-printer/laser-cut/CAD types than clay heads. My secret agenda for the workshop is to proselytize clay.

The workshop paper is here, and photos of the art in the complete exhibit are here.

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