Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Yet more plants and bugs

Ten days ago, I posted this photo of a baby prickly pear pad:

Here's what it looks like today:

For a plant that grows slowly, what a huge investment of energy that is!

Ten days ago, I didn't post this photo of a mystery onion-like weed in our yard:

It's looking much more interesting today:

The main reason I was outside taking photos this morning was to document the gorgeous purple oregano flowers.

I'm once again delighted with how my Sony RX100 II enables me to observe things in pictures that I'd completely miss in real life, such as this Peucetia viridans (green lynx spider):

And with that segue back to bugs, here's an Apheloria tigana on the move out by the Eno River. I never realized they stood so high above the ground, but I guess their legs have to climb over some pretty bumpy terrain.

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