Friday, August 30, 2013

Dragging my feet

OK, NO, I have NOT finished The Odyssey yet. I brought it with me to Germany thinking I might finish it there, but I also brought Siddhartha to read afterward, thinking it would be good to read a book by a German author in Germany. I found Siddhartha boring and puzzling in high school--really boring and really puzzling--and Siddarthaangst served as a deterrent to ever cracking open The Odyssey. I finally got back to the book last week, but got bogged down in the chapter about all the dead people Odysseus converses with. You'd think speaking with the dead would be pretty interesting, but Homer doesn't get into any zombie stuff, just tales of woe. There is a bit in there about the proper way to get the dead to provide the information you seek, but the methods don't always work (some dead people are pretty strong willed, plus there are certain Laws of Deadness they can't violate), and the whole chapter ends up being kind of list-y. In good faith, I took the book with me to a doctor's appointment for E, figuring I'd read in the waiting room--but I didn't read, and the book has been in the back seat of our car ever since. But I promise, PROMISE, I'll bring it inside one of these days and actually finish it.

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