Friday, July 26, 2013

Cat lessons

Blazing amber 
kitty eyes-- 
behind them, 
sentiments so wise: 
"The sun has set, 
the crickets chirp, 
now is the time 
to get to work! 
You humans need 
to learn a lesson 
beyond this
legislative session. 
There are still 
bigger fish to fry, 
more important 
things to try!" 
If Schroeder could 
but English speak, 
he'd say to us, 
"Let go your pique! 
Stop surfing 
NC politics! 
Forget th' impending 
The situation 
may seem dire, 
but focus, focus: 
aspire higher!" 
He drops a fuzzwad 
at our feet, 
meows forcefully, 
"get off your seat! 
Now learn a skill 
with real merit
I'll teach you how 
to fetch a carrot!"

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