Thursday, March 21, 2013

Men still in Lederhosen*

Same men in same Lederhosen, 27 months later.

*Note that men have slept, eaten, showered, attended work/school, changed clothes, and otherwise gone on with their lives between photo sessions.


Oswald Prucker said...

Do legts di nieder! Fesche Burschn san des.

Nina Paley said...

Schöne Lederhosen! Schöne Männer!

Liz Paley said...

Man, Ossi, Stefan laughed when he came home and saw my copies of Bairisch fuer Nichtbayern and Bairisch: Das echte Hochdeutsch out on the table. Both books failed me, but was more than adequate for me to learn a new Ausruf des Erstaunens. Yes, Fesche Burschn/schöne Männer indeed!