Friday, July 6, 2012

Kitty hygiene and recreation

I was welcomed home from Germany by two happy and precocious cats. What did they do while I was gone? I suspect our house-sitter had a word or two with Schroeder about HYGIENE. I have previously blogged about our attempts to toilet train Homer. New kitty Schroeder has no problems using the litter box, but in my absence he has learned both to clean himself in the shower...

...and to brush his teeth.

Thanks Janet!

Incidentally, Homer and Schroeder's shaggy, tick-infested, gruff but tender-hearted Bavarian cousin, Döpferl, also has, like Schroeder, a fetish for stuffies. His is a larger-than-life cardinal rather than a carrot. While Schroeder's goal is mainly to play fetch, Döpferl's is to kill.


hockeychic said...

I love the pictures of Shroeder in the sink. So cute!

Nina Paley said...

Finally a German-language video I can fully understand.