Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Goodbye, hello

We're having the deck on the back of our house replaced with a screened-in porch. Consequently, we had to bid adieu to a sprawling scuppernong. Whereas S considered the loss of this North Carolina native grape unfortunate, I considered it motivation for promptly submitting paperwork to the city planning department. (Our house is a local historic landmark, so we needed to obtain a Certificate of Appropriateness before altering the exterior.) Farewell, sprawling mosquito-harboring bearer of thick-skinned, seedy fruit!

Our builder, Lee, excavated several pounds of brick-red North Carolina clay while digging the holes for the new pilings. I will slake the clay and sieve out the rocks and twigs, and then I'll see what I can make with it. In the meantime, two newborn birds peer over the porch edge and contemplate the origins of life:

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JLPP said...

The birds were born from the North Carolina clay? They look sort of Rhode Island Red-ish.