Saturday, March 12, 2011

Vacation Day 1: Chicago

Because it snowed in Durham on Dec. 26, 2010, all transportation ground to a halt that day, and we had to postpone a trip to visit my parents in Illinois. Temps have thawed since then, and on Thursday, we embarked on our rescheduled trip and flew to Chicago.

After landing, we drove downtown and had brunch at a Chicago institution, Lou Mitchell's, where (as is their claim to fame) they give "donut holes to all and boxes of milk duds to the ladies and children."

Desdemona and Roxanne were a little dubious about the breakfast options, while the waitstaff were a little dubious about our photo shoot. You'd think the restaurant had never served chickens before.

Following brunch, we walked east toward Lake Michigan, admiring Chicago's architecture. One building had such stunning gargoylish statuary perched on top that we decided to go inside, whereupon we discovered the Chicago Public Library.

After a restful pause to read magazines in the children's section, we continued on to the exquisite Art Institute. A guard outside told E to stay off the bronze lions, but no one challenged the chickens.

That wasn't the case inside the museum, however. Although the Art Institute permits the use of cameras without flash, one guard seemed nervous about our photographic activities. I explained that we were tourists on vacation from North Carolina, which apparently satisfied him. We spent several hours enjoying the art, and were particularly impressed by the bright airiness of the Modern Wing, which had been under construction the last time we visited.


Mom said...

Them chickens sure do get around!

Bernadette said...

and the chickens have lovely names. Still enjoying all the blogs. Keep it up!