Saturday, August 28, 2010

A sad way to go

We returned from Germany a week ago Friday to a sorry state of animal affairs. To make a long story short, about fifteen fish in our 45-gallon tank lost their lives to an overfeeding-fueled, oxygen-depriving, algae-bloom calamity that somehow went unnoticed by our determinedly oblivious housesitter until it was too late. Thankfully, the two surviving fish, Leo and Beamer (survivors of a disaster like this deserve names), seem to be holding up well in their little hospital tank on the kitchen counter.

In an expression of solidarity and disdain, our cat Homer occupied himself during our 3.5-week absence by peeing exclusively on the downstairs bathmat.

Putting the best possible spin on all of this, I can only express amazement at our housesitter's superpower: Nose of Steel.

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Dramageek said...

Oh Liz. I am so sorry. What sadness. Very impressive of you to find the hidden superpower in the debacle.